Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Where is home?

This post was inspired by LCR's 'Get the Picture' challenge, which got me thinking about the idea of 'home'. She posts the definition
"home |hōm|noun
a place where something flourishes, is most typically found, or from which it originates."

My last post was called 'home for the weekend'. By this, I meant the house where my mum, dad, and sister live. My current conception of 'home', then, fits with the last definition; "from which it originates". I wasn't thinking when I used that expression, but I suppose that's the place I still call home. It will be interesting to see when that will change. 

The definition "is most typically found" definitely doesn't apply to me right now. I am most typically found in my university shared house of 8. Even though its made up of some close friends, it just isn't 'home'. Part of this will be the fact that the house is actually fairly disgusting, given the unfortunate fact that my housemates seem to be allergic to cleaning, or any suggestion of it. I've sort of grown used to it now so it doesn't get to me as much, and I'm not a clean freak myself, but honestly, this is a new level. Luckily my room is my sanctuary, complete with fridge, and I do quite a bit of food preparation in it to escape. I've just gone and taken some photos of the rest of the house, to show you I'm not just being melodramatic. If anyone reading this is eating, I'd advise them to stop doing so now. :/

My poor, neglected cleaning rota. I tried.
Actual disgusting mould :/


So you 'get the picture'. The final definition is, "where something flourishes". I was glad this was suggested, because it fits my other, and perhaps preferred definition of home. Cheesy I know, but a line from the song 'Home', by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes struck a chord with me; "Home is wherever I'm with you". I feel most comfortable, most content, and most happy when I'm with my boyfriend. I think, for me, that's what I really consider 'home' to be now. Because I moved house a few times when I was a child, I experienced the transition of "home" a few times. The point that I would always notice that the transition had fully formed was when I'd get back from a holiday, and realised that it truly felt as though I was home. I now get the same feeling every time I see my boyfriend (this is an obvious feeling for me, because we're in a long distance relationship).

Where do you consider to be home? Has this changed much throughout your life? Thanks to LCR for that food for thought.

Which brings me onto real food! I went for a run with my housemate today and, whilst I've lost loads of fitness (okay, been lazy) recently, it felt really good and we ran well together, as we spurred eachother on. There were so many times that I would have stopped if she hadn't been there! Anyway, it left me feeling healthy:

And finally, the dream drawing from the other day...




  1. SO glad that you found inspiration and posted about this-- I can relate so much to this. Student life can be rough... from being away from friends and family and living in not-so-nice conditions. I've had very similar living spaces, and i'm sorry you have to spend time in this:( It will SURE make you appreciate a 'real' home one day! I promise:)

    I'd love to have other's read your blog, so be sure to come back to my blog from June 1st-7th and link this post to mine (using the linky tool that I will post). It will show a thumbnail of a photo on your site, and allow my readers to come see your post on "home". Let me know if you have any questions!

    Cheers, and best of luck with the living situation, girl!

  2. i liked your discussion on home, home for me is def wherever mark is :)

  3. I am impressed how you can make mould in a drink look good! Photos of disgusting stuff are sometimes the best. Also, little surveyor knowledge for you here... you also have mould growing on your wall :D from condensation!! I hope I made your day with that fact ;). Your blog is really good, I now check it as religiously as PB Fingers.... even though I speak to you most days so I know what you do with your life :). Hehe love you x

  4. Thanks for linking up, girl.


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