Sunday, 22 May 2011

Home for the weekend

I decided to come home this weekend, partly for just some home comforts, partly because there were a few things I left behind from Easter, and partly because I thought it might kickstart my revision (it didn't.) However, it has been fun! Yesterday I met up with my best friend, Jenny, and we decided to give our cameras some exercise! We drove around looking for interesting places, and enjoyed the break from work as well as some catching up. Here are some of the photos we got:

IMG_5661IMG_5590IMG_5580IMG_5570DSC06006 :) IMG_5784IMG_5790

It was good to have a play with some photos, as I haven't really done much photography for a while. I'm looking forward to my boyfriend visiting next weekend, because we're going to take some pictures of him longboarding!

I'm having a slight sugar-overload this weekend... I'm not used to having to control myself around so much chocolate/icecream, etc, as I just usually don't buy it at university, or buy it in small amounts!! Woops.

Also, more dream drawings to come soon. Had another really odd dream where I was going on holiday to some place where they still lived as savages. I had to go to watch a film (in screen 9..?) about what it was going to be like, and then I had to go on a plane to get there. The people were all a bit evil I think, and I remember there being a huge hill... and oddly some esculators at some point. I have no idea how my brain comes up with these things...



  1. Very honoured to be on your wonderful blog :D yay!!

  2. Gorgeous photos :) Keep up the great work! X

  3. These photos are amazing! Great lighting!

  4. These photos are beautiful- id love to see more of your work- looking forward to long boarding photos of your BF!
    Thanks for coming by my blog and commenting:) Now following you!


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