Thursday, 19 May 2011

Dream Drawings

I keep getting really weird/funny dreams at the moment. Last night really outdid all my previous ones. I don't think I've ever had a vaguely political dream before, they are usually very much connected to only people I know and experiences I've had, even if all jumbled together. However, last night, I dreamt.... that the Queen and David Cameron were getting married???!?!?!? I woke up very confused. I don't remember a huge amount else from my dream, apart from the fact that nearly everyone I knew was invited to the wedding, and my mum helped me and an old school friend find a dress from her bedroom. Everyone seemed worried about the prospect and what it might mean for the country, I remember that. Then at the end, I had some sort of dinner party with my boyfriend and two friends. It was honestly such a strange but oddly vivid dream. From now on I'm going to document my especially weird dreams in pictures, as I think they'll be fun to look back on. (Hey, maybe I'll get them analysed one day. God knows what this one means!)

After waking from this odd dream, I had my first ever bowl of overnight oats. I always see my favourite food blogger Peanut Butter Fingers eating this and wanted to give it a go- since I love oatmeal but haven't been feeling like having a hot breakfast for the last few weeks. Last night I mixed:
40g Scottish Oats
1/2 cup skimmed milk
1/4 cup muller light toffee yoghurt
1/2 small banana
1 tsp cocoa powder

and put it in the fridge. I sneaked a few spoonfulls before I went to sleep, which were amazing, but they were even better this morning!

They kept me going through the gym and a quick swim! I then met up with my friend to do some Metaphysics revision. It really made our brains ache after a while!! I love philosophy but it is SO hard to get your head round sometimes. I find myself reading a sentence over and over again, willing for it to actually program in my brain! Today we were looking at 'temporary intrinsics'. In English, that's examining the problem of how, even though we call a table 'the same table', it has different properties at different times. (One day it might have a drawing on it, or the corner might get knocked off). Philosophers seem to think this is a problem that they must write thousands of pages about... and argue about whether they believe in 'endurance' or 'perdurance'. People who believe in perdurance think that there are no tables, basically, and that instead there are billions of 'time-slices'; the sum of which makes up 'the table'. Whilst I see the problem, I'm not going to be denying the existence of my table any time soon..

Dinner was also yummy: wholewheat pasta, mushrooms, ham, and a few peas :D. Sorry if I bored you all with my philosophy talk.



  1. hello.
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  2. omg you are such a good drawer! haha that dream is strange :'), thanks for the comment on my blog, i find my accent really weird but i can't help it haha xx

  3. It looks really nice! ♥
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