Thursday, 30 August 2012

some doodles on a thursday

Life is a little mad at the moment. I'm either waitressing, babysitting, trying to redecorate a room or do a load of pinterest projects.

But there's always time for doodles.

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Hello ~ I'm back to blogging. I'm also back home, finally- after finals, after interrailling & after a short but sweet holiday to Jersey.

Interrailling was so much fun. We started off in Amsterdam, and visited Potsdam, Berlin, Gdynia (Poland), Warsaw, Krakow, Vienna (Austria) & Lucerne (Switzerland). We were away for three weeks, and had bought an interrail pass which allowed us to travel for 10 out of 21 days.

We camped almost every night, in cities, next to lakes and mountains, and through thunderstorms. We cycled round Amsterdam, the City of Bikes, let the trams of Vienna take us wherever they chose. We got lost at almost every turn, and tried to learn a bit of every language; explored castles, palaces, and winding streets. 

In Gdynia, we went to Open'er music festival which was incredible. We saw Bon Iver, Mumford & Sons, and The XX, - even Bjork! It was a lovely, low-key & chilled out festival. Everyone was so calm!

I was pretty sad to come home- but had to for my graduation, which didn't feel at all real. But now I'm filled with even more wonderlust, and can't wait for my next trip (wherever that may be). 

Now, it's a few weeks until I start my Law course. I'm looking forward to it, & the return to routine!