Sunday, 30 August 2009

A note to future self

Okay so it's been a long time since I posted anything. I went on holiday to Italy and that was lovely, and I read lots that I'd been meaning to for ages, like Lord of the Flies, The Great Gatsby and Brave New World. They all made me think.
Anyway, now I've not got long to go until I leave for Uni, so today I've been making a collage that will remind me of things at home, so I looked in my "memory box" which is where i sometimes put random scribbles in. Anyway, here I found a random poem/ramble I wrote a long time ago. It's weird, because reading it back, it captures quite well how I was feeling at the time..
If anyone is actually interested in reading it, it's here.

Crystals of regret smatter the defenceless streets
Splintered dreams reflected in the moonlight
Spilling with a haze of memories
Seconds are gold of a foreign currency;
Value understood, but worthless to my mind.
Sense glinting in the depths
But smothered with apathy.

What is the value of time?
Too quickly gone, irretrievable
Moments of happiness barely appreciated
Remember this when the summer comes
Turn your head to the time of waste
Remember the mind that was lost to the pressure.
Do you still appreciate the one who pulls you through the day?
But who casts shadows of doubt
The one who turns your insides to a cascade of sand
That slips through fingertips,
Showers you in sour thoughts you beg not to feel
So as not to reek of bitterness.