Friday, 3 June 2011

Starbucks revision

Well, I have had my most successful revision day yet... and it took place in starbucks! Even though I usually find it hard to concentrate with noise around me... and I can't revise listening to music with lyrics, the white noise created by coffee machines and coffee drinkers seems to allow me to function at my most productive! (It wasn't an entirely fair test- it could have been the extreme amounts of caffiene I consumed.. or the fact that it's getting pretty close to my exams..) but anyway, I shall be returning. (I'm not sure how financially sound my plan is... but I did manage to smuggle in a tuna wrap, so at least I didn't have to spend ten million pounds on a sandwich... or however much they are now). I think the main thing about it that I preferred was the reminder that there are normal sane people in the world who don't spend all day at a desk. I really can't stand our university library at the moment; people are breathing stress. The caffeine definitely helped too, at one point I felt decidedly hyper, which is unfortunate sitting at a small coffee table, where really the most acceptable movement that one can achieve is tapping one's foot. It meant I felt weirdly happy about revising, anyway. I hope caffiene carries on affecting me the way it seems to at the moment, though I doubt this.

It's also been an amazingly nice day, so hot, and starbucks was nice and cool, and the big windows meant I could feel like I was outside, without the inconvenience of my papers blowing everywhere. In a library, it's easy to forget that there is actually a world out there.

I also had my first frappuccino which actually had coffee in it, and really liked it. This is odd, because I've tried them before and hated them. I think my brain has readjusted it's opinion on coffee. Whilst thinking about this, I happened to be studying the topic of personal identity. One of the criterion for a particular theory which depends on psychological continuity for the persistence of your 'self' included 'preferences', along with 'memory' etc. I then started to entertain the possibility that I might be turning into an entirely different person altogether.... after all, in the last month or so I have decided that I love coffee where I previously couldn't stand it, as well as liquorice... and I think there's something else but I can't remember it now. Perhaps I'm being taken over by a coffee, liquorice loving alien. Or perhaps not.

Ah, the everyday implications of philosophy... xox

Wednesday, 1 June 2011


:( He's gone. We had an amazing time as usual, and went on so many 'dates' this time! Coffee shops, libraries, parks, restaurants, the cinema! We did them all.

As I said, I took some photos of him longboarding. I even had a go myself, though it was mildly terrifying... and I grazed my ankle.

Here we go:

he's silly :)

my wound!