Monday, 30 May 2011

My first coffee

My boyfriend arrived on saturday, and we have been having a great time. That evening, we went out for drinks for my housemate's 21st (which is actually tomorrow). Before heading to the bar, my boyfriend and I ate a meal at ASK, which was YUMMY (especially the chocolate pudding we couldn't resist because of the description 'molten middle'..!) When we arrived at the bar, my friend ordered about 6 jugs of mojito, so everyone had a pretty good time!

This meant that I spent the whole of sunday feeling a little worse for wear. This was when we decided it might be a good idea for me to try a coffee. I've always liked the smell, but never the taste, however I've tried a few of his lattes recently and not minded them. We headed to cafe nero... ordered a skinny latte (all lattes at cafe nero come with 2 shots of expresso) and I actually loved it! With a bit of sugar, I thought it was delicious. It definitely gave me the pick me up I needed. In fact, probably because I've never really drunk any high-caffiene drinks before, I actually became pretty hyper. I couldn't stop moving for about 2 hours- it was quite funny.

latte - caffe nero

Another way I decided to make myself feel better was by REORGANISING. (Does anyone else do this??) For a while I've wanted to store my flour and sugar and pasta, etc, in jars with pretty labels but haven't got round to doing this. So, we cycled to sainsburies, loaded my bike-bag up with jars (rather precariously), and then I spent the whole afternoon finding, printing and sticking pretty labels! Not quite revision, but it made me feel slightly better about my life.

I also made this card for my friend:

And I'm giving her these, as well as some peanut butter cookies she loves that I'm going to make tomorrow. (Last time we made them, we ate the whole batch in a day).  

I also got this for my boyfriend the other week. He's got a VW camper van which he's mainly done himself, and often lives in it for periods of time in the summer. Hopefully this summer we will go and do some camping somewhere, so I thought this would be a fun thing to get! 

(The mug is a present from his lovely mum :))

mmm yes please!



  1. so much to comment about!!
    1. I want a VW van. and that cookbook. totally awesome.
    2.I'm a reorganizer-when-things-get-rough too. Totally theraputic, i think we may be weird though:)
    3.I can't believe you have never drank coffee before! by the sounds of it, you probably shouldn't too much... hehe!
    That is all. Ciao, girl.

  2. I am going to Sainsburys to buy some jars for my cookies now :)


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