Sunday, 15 May 2011

More revision avoidance

Last summer, my best friend and I went on holiday to Jersey. Over the course of the week we became steadily more and more obsessed with making friendship bracelets, as you can see above. The large majority of mine have now fallen off, sadly, and this morning I thought that making a few more would definitely be more productive than revision (kant=bluergh at any time, let alone a sunday morning). So, I rummaged through my bracelet supplies and decided to make one that matched yesteday's headband. (When I first wore jewlery I would ALWAYS wear matching bracelets and necklaces... I'm not sure I've ever fully shaken off that habit.. even if it is a bit of a dubious fashion idea at age 19).
Anyhoo- here is what I came up with: I twisted around the flowers that I got (from The works for a pound if you live in England(!)) and added some of the beads I still had left over from the summer.

Other methods of procrastination today have included looking around interior design websites for ideas. I love decorating rooms- and cannot WAIT until I move into a house that I'll be living in for a good amount of time. I'm renting a pretty icky house this year but I managed to make my room live-able with lots of fairy lights, cushions and photos/drawings. I also made a den in the corner where the ceiling is too low to stand- again returning to my childhood love of dens. I'll be pretty sad when I have to take everything down in July.
And now some dreams for the future.......


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  1. interesting blog.. your photos are amazing.. i followed you! :)

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  2. I love friendship bracelets :) the little den in your room is super cute x

  3. I love your blog <3


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