Saturday, 14 May 2011

Brighton and a hairband obsession.

Last weekend I visited my boyfriend in Brighton. He lives in Jersey when he's not at university in Brighton, and one of his friends from home was over in England to see his girlfriend. We all went out on the saturday, and went to an Asian Dub Foundation gig at the Brighton Dome. It was such an amazing day; we started it out with ciders and beer on the beach at about 3 o' clock and were all pretty.. 'happy' by the time we left to go out. Asian Dub Foundation were really good and we all did lots of dancing :D. It was fun to get out as I haven't for a while with the dreaded essays.

I also did lots of shopping over the weekend.

I bought this headband from Primark for 1 or 2 pounds, after seeing some almost identical ones in topshop for about £8! I also bought these trousers:
and a plain white primark tshirt that I drew a bike on (my boyfriend got me some t-shirt felt pens!) ... another copy of a topshop one for £18! All in all a hugely successful weekend. LDR's are hard (it takes me about 3/4 hours on the train to get to him, but SO worth it for the beautiful times we have when we visit each other.

I've been back a while now and have handed in 50% of my year's worth of essays... which was scary. Today I've done a big clear out of my room because I don't feel like I can revise when my room is messy. I've also made ANOTHER flowery headband, from some £1 flowers I bought from 'the works', just tied onto a piece of string. . . anything to avoid revision!



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