Sunday, 24 April 2011


I have been in cornwall this last week but the weekend before that I was lucky enough to go on a trip to Edinburgh with my mum. I'd never been and she'd never explored properly so we thought it would be a nice break. We visited the Museum of Modern Art, which I enjoyed (although some modern art really does make me go.. "what??!")

We also took a trip to 'Scotland Street'. Last summer my mum and I really got into the Alexander McCall Smith Series '44 Scotland Street', set in Edinburgh, which follows the lives of the people who live in the different apartments.

They're a really fun and light read. My favourite character was Bertie, a 5 year old whose mother forced him to attend yoga classes, and learn Italian. He's also grade 8 violin- but has been known to misbehave- at one point (much to the horror of his mother) he sets his father's guardian on fire. Whilst it's a real street, there is no actual '44', but we had fun getting a feel of the place anyway. We could really see how everyone on the different floors might spy on their neighbours- or at least keep a very close watch.

We also did lots of shopping and visited the castle. It rained a bit on the friday, but the saturday was beautiful!

We went to the restaurant 'Centotre'- an Italian on one of the main streets. I had 'Ravioli Con Zucchini which was incredible- so light and creamy at the same time. I'd love to have a go at making it sometime. On a holiday to Italy a couple of years ago we had a go at making fresh ravioli and it was so much fun!

On another note, I had my first chocolate for 40 days today!!! It was GOOD!!!

Happy Easter!

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