Thursday, 21 April 2011


Bon Iver are releasing another album! This pretty much made my day. Although, the weather has been lovely too. I'm in Cornwall at the moment, and even though it's April, people are sunbathing on the beach and swimming in the sea!

I hate the fact that I have to write 15,000 words this holiday :(. Why don't they have exams/assessment in autumn? Nothing happens in the autumn.

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  1. haha i'm breaking the 'once every six months' tradition...

    thanks for your comment. it's always interesting and intriguing to find people that empathise, particularly those that aren't directly involved in your life. it saddens me that you seem to be intimidated to post on facebook now. i think you should! you're still my favourite lookbooker - classic yet contemporary, modern and old school and very beautiful. you're an english rose and lookbook needs that. british represent!

    i know how you feel with the dieting. i swear i'm always on one! i recently discovered exercise (i know, took me a while) and i have to say it has helped a lot. not only body-wise, but also for the mind. my degree stresses me out loads (second year english) and its such a great stress relief to go to the gym, with the added bonus of knowing its benefiting the body.

    hope you're enjoying easter. i'm bitter about the workload but at least there is a long summer to look forward to!

    have a good one :)

    lauren x

    PS i don't really use blogspot anymore. i've converted to tumblr! . it's totally different but quite enjoyable, you should get one!


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