Monday, 18 April 2011

Welcome home

My sister is coming back from a school ski trip today, and unfortunately fell over quite badly whilst she was there so was unable to ski for the later half of the week. I thought it would be nice to bake her a cake to welcome her home, and here it is. (yes, it is the cake in my new header)

One of the things I love about being home for easter is how much easier it is to cook and bake. This is because of the CLEAN KITCHEN and amazing mixer, and working oven, and abundance of ingredients!!

I was going to just make a victoria sponge, but I found cream cheese in the fridge and decided to make strawberry cream cheese frosting. The icing was a bit too runny, and I got worried, but it turned out okay after some time in the fridge. I have posted the recipe in 'recipes'. I haven't tried any yet as they're not back from the airport, but I can't wait!

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