Thursday, 13 May 2010

another poem.

I enjoy writing poetry at the moment. This probably makes no sense to anyone else, but I suppose that was sort of the point; sometimes thoughts are so confused it's easier to express them with something that doesn't quite make sense itself...

Inbetween the lines there are gaps that
can be filled now,
colours replace monchrome
chalk instead of the charcoal that,
though true to form, couldn’t capture any emotion
other than that which would just make your day worse.
Avoiding the cracks the pavement
Even though they’re safe now
You wouldn’t want to stamp on something
about as strong as an egg-shell.
Even though all you want is to feel without thinking
Stop holding it in.
Colour with your eyes closed
As though going over the lines doesn’t matter
Even if your life depends on it
Because life is what you make it
and you made nothing yet.

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