Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Okay, well I did say this was going to be a bit of a random mix of a blog. But, the other day I went to see Carole Ann Duffy at a poetry reading, who is the English Poet Laureate and I absolutely loved her & her poetry. And it reminded me how much I like poetry- I studied Dylan Thomas last year and absolutely loved it. And I used to enjoy writing poetry too, so I thought I'd have another go. It didn't take long or anything and I was just playing about really, but any feedback would be welcome!!

It was sort of inspired by me having a lot of time on my hands now, haha, and how about 2 months ago it felt like I had none, and how time is so like, elusive and feels so different in different circumstances. And also, how in like the modern day a lot of time seems to be controlled by like computers and things, rather than good old fashioned ticking clocks, which I thought was sad in a way. Anyway:

It stretches and flies, it springs and it looms
It buzzes and flashes, it beeps and it crashes.
But sometimes I wish it would tick. 

“It’s precious”
So I tried.
To store it, or lock it, or keep it, or chase it, or mend it.

It spilt when I stored it,
It spread when I locked it,
It flew when I kept it,
It fled when I chased it;
I mended it and it broke. 

It’s alive, selfish.
Not ticking to give me time to catch up.
Time changed time.
It no longer ticks. 


  1. hey :) i found your blog through your lookbook profile, but since im not a member and i cant post a comment there, so i think i do it here. well your looks are gorgeous, and your paintings as well. keep up the good work

    ps:i started my blog a few days ago and think we have similar interest(

  2. hey I found you on lookbook an as the person above says you look amazing!
    I dunno how often you use this but my names Will Turk an it would be great to talk to you so if you've got facebook give us a add ;)

    (I'm 17 from birmingham!)


  3. hi there ^_^
    I found you on lookbook - I love 'break the lock if it dont fit' - the style is perfect and I love the way the photos are together
    I think you should make a profile on deviantart and post your poetry/photos and art. Id definitely fave your stuff x


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